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Diana - a favorite of all country

I'd like to tell you about Lady Diana Spencer or simply Lady Di, the ex - wife of the Prince Charles and mother of the Princes William and Henry. Diana Spencer was born on the 1st of July, 1961, in Sadringham in England.

She had two older sisters and a younger brother. In childhood she liked games, swimming, running and dancing. She wanted to become a ballet - dancer. Besides she loved children very much and at the age of sixteen she worked at schools for very young children.

Diana became the Princess, when the Prince Charles, the Queen’s son, asked her to be his wife and they got married. They seemed to be a happy couple at first. They had two sons; Harry and William. They traveled a lot, they worked a lot, and theyvisitedmany countries together. But Diana wasn't happy, because they did different thingsand Charles didn't understand her.

Why was Diana the most famous, the most beautiful, the most photographated woman in the world? Why did she win the hearts of millions and millions of peoplein many countries? Why did so many people come to London to remember her,when she died?

The answer is so simple “She was such a lovely lady. She did so much for those peoplelessfortunate that herself”.

She was a kind woman. Sheliked ordinary people, though she was rich and had many rich friends. Ten years passed after her death in a car accident, but she was indeed, the People's Princess.

The Prince William is a very popular member of the family

The Prince William Arthur Philip Louis was twenty years old on the 21st of July, 2002. He is a very popular member of the royal family and a lot like his mother, the Princess Diana.

The Prince likes to be active and loves sport, especially swimming, tennis, skiing,rowing and cycling.

After the University the young Prince is going to join the army or the navy. This is afamily tradition.

The Prince doesn't want to become the King, but one in the futurepeople will call him the King William III of England.

William's wife - friend is Kate Middleton. She's from a very rich English family.

The wedding of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine Middleton

The wedding of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine Middleton took place on 29 April 2011 at Westminster Abbey in London.

Prince William, the eldest son of Charles, Prince of Wales, first met Catherine "Kate" Middleton in 2001, when both were studying at the Middleton wore a white dress by British designer Sarah Burton, as well as a tiara lent to her by the Queen. Prince William wore the uniform of his honorary rank of Colonel of the Irish Guards.

Over 5000 street parties were held to mark the Royal wedding throughout the United Kingdom and one million people lined the route between Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace. In the United Kingdom TV audiences peaked at 26.3 million viewers with a total of 36.7 million watching part of the coverage. The ceremony was viewed live by tens of millions more around the world including 72 million on the YouTube Royal Channel.

The Prince Henry - the happyprince The Prince Henry Charles Albert David, born on the 15th of September, 1984 at St. Mary hospital, is third in the lie of succession to throne, behind his father and elder brother.

Harry attended the same schools as William, and in September, 1998, he followed hiselder brother to Eton. Harry wasn't academically gifted as his brother, but he earned aplace at Eton and became instantly popular with his fellow students.

On the 15th of September, 2002 the Prince Harry celebrated his eighteenth birthday.On that day he visited hospitals and spoke to the homeless. He wanted to remind thepublic about his mother's huge contribution to charity.

The Queen - Mother The Queen - Mother, the widow of the late King GeorgeVI, celebrated her one hundred jubilee in 2000. Unfortunately, she has died in 2001.

The Queen - Mother always wore shoes and dresses elegantly. And the most important thing was that nobody had seen that early widowed woman in gloomy orgrief. She always smiled with her well - known kind smile.

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