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Автор работы: 
Иванов Владимир, Иванова Екатерина
Руководитель проекта: 
Маркова Тамара Венеровна, Николаева Светлана Витальевна
МБОУ «Моргаушская СОШ»

В ходе исследовательской работы по английскому языку «Королевская семья Британии и царская семья России» автором была реализована поставленная цель изучить взаимосвязь представителей монаршей семьи Великобритании с царской семьей Романовых.

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Автор исследовательского проекта по иностранному языку «Королевская семья Британии и царская семья России» рассказывает об истории королевской семьи, традициях королевской семьи Великобритании, дает описание биографии Принцессы Дианы и свадьбы Принца Вильяма с Кейт Миддлтон, знакомит нас с историей принца Гаррию

Предложенная исследовательская работа по иностранному языку «Королевская семья Британии и царская семья России» предоставляет рассмотрение родственных связей королевской семьи Великобритании с русской царской семьей.

Table of contents

1. The royal family of great britain and the
1.1. Northern Ireland
1.2. Great Britain is a constitutional monarchy
1.3. The Windsor's genealogical tree
1.4. Britain monarchy today
1.5. Royal Traditions
1.6. Diana - a favorite of all country
1.7. The Prince William is a very popular member of the family
1.8. The wedding of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine Middleton
1.9. The Prince Henry - the happyprince
1.10. The Queen - Mother
2. Related bonds with the russian royalfamily
2.1. Related bonds with Russia


In my research work I would like to study the institution of the British royal family,to generalize the information about the historical past of this country, to definefunctions of a monarch and modern royal traditions, to tell about the most famousand popular members of the family and, if it's possible, to search related bonds withRussia.

The aim of your research is

  1. To get acquainted with the history of royal family of Great Britain and Russia.
  2. To understand the related bonds with the Russian royal family.
  3. The challenge is to systematize the history, traditions and life of royal families.

The object of study – the royal families of Great Britain and Russia.

Great Britain is a constitutional monarchy

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and the Northern Ireland is situated on the

British Isles. The United Kingdom is made up of four countries: England, Wales, Scotland and the Northern Ireland.

Great Britain is one of the biggest empires in the world history. In 1707 England and Scotland joined, and the Ireland joined later. The British empire included a lot of colonies all over the world, where the monarchy was spread too.

The process of the decolonization began in 1947, when India, Pakistan and Ceylon became independent. The union between the former members of the British empire and Britain was made in 1949. And now it's called the Commonwealth. It includes such countries, as Ireland, Brim, Sudan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and others.

Britain monarchy today

Estate monarchy and the English Parliament formed in the second half of the XIII century. And nowadays a monarch is the official Head of State.

In the United Kingdom the title of the Queen sounds so: "Elizabeth the Second, dueto mercy of God is the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the

Northern Ireland and her domains and territories, the Head of the Commonwealth, the defender of our religion".

The Queen (the King) is considered to the Head of the Armed forces, administratesexternal dealings, convenes and dismisses the House of Commons, declares a warand concludes the peace, joins or cedes a territory of a state. These rights becamemore nominal to a great extent nowadays. Monarchs reign, but almost don't rule.

Buckingham Palace is the official residence of English monarchs in London since the Queen Victoria has lived there (1837). The palace was built in 1703 by John Sheffield, the Duke of Buckingham. There are 600 rooms in the palace now. The biggest one of them is Ballroom, where national banquets presentations take place. There is also the picture gallery there.

The Queen's husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, was born in 1926 and served in the Royal Navy. He takes a great deal of interest in industry, in the achievements of young people (he founded the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme in 1956) and in saving raise wild animal from extinction.

The Queen's legatee is Charles, the Prince of Wales, who was born in 1948, married Lady Diana Spencer and has two children, William and Henry. They are forced. Now he's married to Camilla Parker.

In the state everything is doing on behalf of the Queen. All decisions are discussed by the members of government and a monarch doesn't take part in their discussions.

The Queen knows all the events that take place in the country. And she also visits the Commonwealth countries once a year. During a year the Queen lives in five official residences: Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Palace of Hollywood House in Edinburgh.

One day in December is given to the Queen for recording of her Christmas speech. It's the only day, when the Queen applies to "her" people and gives voice to her objective opinion. The royal family financial promotes different charity funds, the organization of charity dinners, actions.

The Windsor's genealogical tree

There is a date in British history, which is known by every pupil. It's 1066, the year of the Norman conquest of the British Isles by William the Conqueror. From this historical person the Windsor's house began - the dynasty of monarch, who rule the state even nowadays. (see appendix 1)

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