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Royal Traditions

  • The Queen's Birthday

The Queen is the only man in Britain, who has two birthdays. Her real birthday is on the 21st of April, but she also has the official birthday. It's the second Saturday of June. And there is a traditional ceremony on her birthday, which is called "Trooping of the Color". It's a big parade with a wind band and hundred of soldiers on horses. Millions of London's citizens become viewers of this parade.

  • The Charity Action on the Passionate Week

This tradition is 1000 years old. One period of time this day the monarch has washed poor ven's foot, but this rite is not performed since 1754. And nowadays this rite has changed a little bit. This day the Queen gives alms to poor old men.

  • Swan Upping

There are hundreds of swans on the river Thames. Most of these beautiful white birds belong to the monarch. In June young swans appear on the Thames, which are two months old. Then the royal Supervisor looks at all the swans, chooses and marks the royal one. The name of this strange, but interesting tradition is Swan Upping.

  • Tribute of Respect to Old People

This tradition isn't very old, but it has won special respect between old people.When an inhabitant of Great Britain is 100 years old, the Queen sends a congratulation postcard.

  • Decorating in Buckingham Palace
  • The Opening of the Parliament

The parliament, but not the royal family rules Britain now. But traditionally the Queen opens the Parliament's meeting every autumn. She goes from Buckingham Palace on the golden carriage. It's the Irish state carriage. In the House of Parliament the Queen reads "the Royal Speech".

  • The Order of the Garter's Knights

This tradition has a very long history. It goes back to the XIV century, when Edward

III was the King. Members of the King's order were very famous and brave knights. But now these people aren't certainly soldiers. They are the memders of the Parliament, church people and politicians. There are knights from foreign countries.

  • The Christmas Speech of the Queen

It's a modern royal tradition. On Christmas at three o'clock p. m. the Queen performs with a speech on TV and radio. The speech lasts for ten minutes. In her speech the Queen speaks about the last year.

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