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Related bonds with Russia

Related bonds between two countries began to develop more than 1 000 years ago, when in the 9lh century the great Prince of Novgorod Rurik became the founder of the Russian monarchy.

In the 19th century there were many marriages between Russian and British royal families. According to the mother's branch, the King George V was the cousin of thelast Emperor Nicolai II and the Empress Alexandra, according to the father's branch.The external similarity between Nicolai II and George V was so strong thatsometimes they were confused. (see appendix 3)

In 1994 the Prince Charles was the first member of the British royal family, visited Russia for the last 100 years.

Again the heir of the throne, Prince Charles, was with a worker visit in St. Petersburg. The visit was devoted to setting up of diplomatic relations between the countries and celebrated not so long before St. Petersburg three - centenary.

The Prince visited the chapel in Petropavlovskaya fortress, where the remains of Nicolai II and his family were kept. In the evening there was a trditional cultural program for honored guests.

For the first time from Narishkin's bastion of Petropavlovskaya fortress thetraditional cannon shot was made by the member of the British royal family but if the assistant jumped aside, Charles looked like a very assured artilleryman. The usedcase was packed into a special bag and taken away.


I'm deeply sure that we can't know a foreign language, if we don't know history, features of culture, everyday life and traditions of the nation, whose language we study.

We can't learn to communicate on the English language and to understand English speech, if can't think, as Englishmen think. Because the ability to associatingis the most amazing gift we have due to nature. And I think that the English are veryinteresting people, but they are so different from us.

The object of my work was to search the condition and the functions of a monarch inBritain, to learn more about the royal family. Some time in Russia there were alsotsars and tsarinas, but, in contrast of the English, we couldn't save the institution ofthe royal family.

Compiling this work I've understood, how it difficult to be a monarch. It's a very erious and responsible work.

I told about the most famous members of the family - Lady Diana, the Prince

Charles, their sons, William and Harry, the Queen - Mother and, of course, about

Elizabeth II and her husband, Philip. I told about their feelings, interests, dreams andhopes.

As I think, my work will be very interesting and useful for people, studying Englishand will increase their knowledge about such a wonderful country, as the UnitedKingdom of Great Britain and the Northern Ireland.