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Ecology problem in Mytishchi

Mytishchi-Moscow water supply

Our land is rich in water resources. On its territory there are many rivers, springs are coming out of the ground. In 1937, the construction of the Moscow canal was completed. It passed through the territory of Mytishchi district, forming five reservoirs. On their picturesque shores zones for pleasure were created.

In 1779 Empress Catherine the Great signed a decree ordering the Lieutenant General V. F. Bauer to start the construction of a water supply system for Moscow from the springs of Mytishchi.

The first line of water supply was a unique engineering structure, it was gravity, in the construction of which was used the natural slope of the terrain. Through the underground gallery that collected water from pools into brick it followed to Moscow Sukharevskaya and Samotechnaya squares.

Экология в Мытищи

On the 28th October 1804 the water supply system was solemnly opened, becoming a kind of monument to Empress Catherine II. Aqueducts were thrown across the rivers during the construction of the water pipeline. Rostokinsky aqueduct across the Yauza river was the largest of them. The construction of the water pipeline lasted for 25 years. The first fountains of Moscow were arranged to analyze the water.

1853-1858 years. Moscow's water needs grew and the water supply system was reconstructed several times to meet the growing needs of the city. In 1853-1858 years the works were supervised by engineer Andrei Ivanovich Delvig (1813 - 1887). He replaced the brick channel by cast iron pipes, installed a steam engine to lift water and produced artificial pressure.

As a result of the taken measures the quantity of water for consumption by residents of Moscow have doubled. A. I. Delvig summarized the theoretical research on the issue of water in the work “Guide to the design of water supply systems” (1857), was awarded the Demidov prize.

In 1880 – 1904. several reconstructions of the water supply system in Moscow, were carried out. The great scientists of the country – N. P. Zimin, V. G. Shukhov and the founder of modern hydroaerodynamics N. E. Zhukovsky worked on it. And today there is a great cascade of 6 reservoirs giving pure water to Moscow.

Forests in our region

In the context of a huge increase in the number of cars and due to the complexity of exhaust gas purification, the motor transport became the main source of air pollution.

At the same time, the situation with air pollution is not critical, since the self-purification processes taking place in the atmosphere, still allow to maintain the quality of atmospheric air at an acceptable level. A huge benefit in this process bring is the vast forest outside Moscow.

The forest plays the part in air puring. The total area of the forests of the Moscow region, according to the state forest register, of January the 1, 2016 is 2104,1 thousand hectares or 47,4% of the total land area of the territory.

Everyone knows about the most favorable impact of the forest on human health, not to mention that it is a wonderful recreational resource - there are mushrooms, berries, various representatives of the animal world, the suburbs.

At all levels of educational activity, it is necessary to persistently engage in environmental education,. The young citizens of the country, and future employees of various sectors of the economy should be involved.

In schools, in higher education students can make presentations, write essays, get acquainted with the expositions of ecological and local lore museums. It is necessary to involve people in mass actions for cleaning of the woods, cleaning of the territory, removal of unauthorized dumps. The participation of young people in the largest in the Moscow region mass environmental event "Our forest, plant your tree" brings a great benefit to nature.

It becomes an important component of the program of environmental education of young people. The traditional forest restoration campaign was held on September 16, 2017 in all municipalities of the region. 142,000 seedlings were harvested for planting. In the end, throughout the region, the event was attended by over 150,000 people. Over 1.700.000 trees, were planted on the area of over 1000 hectares.

The town is very rich in different plants. They make Mitishchi one of the greenest cities of the region. In spite of the polluted winds from Moscow there is a special microclimate.

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