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Ecology problem in Mytishchi

The river Yauza

Our region is rich in rivers. The main is they Yauza river. The River Yauza in the city of Mytisci originates in the Park "Losiny Ostrov" and flows into the Moscwa river in the capital. Its length is 48 km, the width varies from 20 to 65 meters In its water there are up to 30 species of fish.

On the 29th August 2017 there was a meeting of the Committee of the Moscow region Duma on the issue of ecological rehabilitation of the Yauza river on the territory of the city district.

Rehabilitation of the Yauza river on the territory of the city district of Mytishchi will be completed in 2018.

Река Яуза в Мытищи

Rehabilitation of the river will include several stages. First of all, the clearing is being carried out. To do this, the banks are being cleaned from dead wood and thickets, then sediments will be removed then there will be a stocking of the reservoir. This is followed by drainage of untreated sewage.

The last stage includes aeration (oxygenation), alkalization (launch micro-algae) and the creation of "bio plateau" - the planting of perennial aquatic plants that are involved in the natural purification of the pond. In addition, coastal areas will be put in order, recreational areas will be created. A total of 260 million rubles will be allocated for this purpose.

Three zones of ecological tension in the country

Unfortunately, our green, rich and beautiful country can not be called environmentally friendly. The bad situation of the environment in some places reaches its critical value. In 1989 scientists had made a special map of Russia which shows environmental situation of the cities at the time. They shared our country, according to the degree of pollution into three zones. It should be considered in more details.

1. Catastrophic.

This is the largest accumulation of radionuclides In Kyshtym Chelyabinsk region. It is unlikely that anyone will deny the extremely low environmental rating of Russian cities located in this area.

2. Crisis.

It is connected with high activity of oil producing and processing plants, and also industrial zones. They are Kalmykia, the Arkhangelsk region, Priangarye, the Average and Lower Volga region and a number of other territories.

3. Moderately tense.

It is the area of the Central Chernozem region, North-West of the European part of the country. The rating of ecologically pure cities in Russia shows that in this area there is the most favorable and the lowest risk to health.

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