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Volunteering in Russia as a form of civic engagement

4. Volunteer programs in 2018

The most numerous volunteer campaign in 2018 is the Football World Cup. It started on June 1, 2016 by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the President of FIFA Gianni Infantino. A record number of people (177 thousand) volunteered from 190 countries, mostly from Egypt, Mexico and Columbia.

The most popular option among volunteers is work with the teams. The contest here is 116 people per 1 vacancy (15576 applications). 59% of candidates are women, 41% are men. 77,2% of them are at the age of 16 - 25.

Foreign volunteer programs 2018 include many proposals for young people – projects in medicine, diving, child care and many other.

For example the UN suggests such medical projects, for work experience in hospitals, as Nepal, Argentina, Shri-Lanka, Jamaica, Mexico, Mongolia, etc.

One can help children in foster homes in Cambodia, Nepal, Jamaica, Fiji, Shri-Lanka, Argentina, Belize, Ghana, Tanzania, Ecuador, Vietnam, etc.

Fanimals can participate in such ecological and zoological protection projects as diving and preservation of marine species and plants in Thailand; animal care in Argentina; protection of environment in Madagascar and Belize; sharks protection in Fiji; preservation of pandas in China.

Other interesting volunteer programs for youth are research of civilization on Inks and Wari in Peru; construction in Jamaica, Nepal, South Africa; law and business in China; football in Ghana, journalism in Romania.


Volunteer programs are extremely popular today. Every 8 from 10 volunteers affirm that deep compassion to people guided them to this path. Most of them volunteer in order to get a new view on life, job and people surrounding them. As of today more than 150 millions adults of the world have dedicated themselves to this activity.

In Russia the movement is also developing. More than 10% of the population in already involved. The most popular activity is helping children.


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