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Автор работы: 
Долиба Дмитрий
Руководитель проекта: 
Цветова Елена Алексеевна
МБОУ Гимназия №17 г. Мытищи

Предложенная исследовательская работа по английскому языку "Volunteering in Russia as a form of civic engagement" посвящена истории волонтёрского движения в России. Автор рассматривает самые известные волонтёрские организации России и направления их деятельности.

Автор исследовательского проекта по английскому языку "Volunteering in Russia as a form of civic engagement" также выделяет известные молодёжные волонтёрские организации "СтопХам", "Хрюши против", "Лев против", "Дети Петербурга" и другие.

Подробнее о работе:

Деятельность данных организаций направлена основные проблемы страны, молодежь выступает против курения, нарушения правил дорожного движения, обман покупателей в магазинах и прочее.

В данном проекте по английскому языку "Volunteering in Russia as a form of civic engagement" ученик 6 класса рассматривает основные волонтёрские программы 2018 года в России и заграницей, где молодые люди могут внести свой вклад в решение экологических и социальных проблем по всему миру.


1. The history of volunteering
2. The activities of volunteers in Russia
3. Youth volunteer organizations
4. Volunteer programs 2018


2018 is the year of The Civic Engagement. What is it? It can be defined as a conscious, creative participation in socio-political and labour activities. The Civil human activity is very important for the fulfillment and harmonious development of the personality.

Volunteer is translated from French as volontaire. It means a helper working without payment for his work and other gratitude. Volunteers work in orphanages, shelters, nursing homes and boarding schools. They care for sick people, help the elderly with the housework, teach children, help with fundraising and more.

Volunteering is especially important for Russia, and it fact can’t but overestimated, because the support is not excessive, especially if it comes from the heart.

1. The history of volunteering

Volunteering as a social movement, originated in the West. And the Samaritans are considered to be the first volunteers They were the ethnic group living in Ancient Israel, helping anyone who needed it. "Good Samaritan" is a phrase from the Bible (the Parable of the good Samaritan). The parable tells the story of a Samaritan who helped the man in distress. That man was robbed and beaten by robbers.

Surely the volunteering phenomenon manifested itself in the mid-nineteenth century. Officially, the origin of the volunteer movement has been developed since 1859. In that year a Frenchman, Jean Henri Dunant initiated the Red Cross organization to help the wounded people and the prisoners, on a voluntary basis. The principles of volunteering, which were formulated by Jean-Henri, are relevant nowadays.

In Russia various charitable organizations appeared in the XIX century. They became widely distributed and existed on donations, which worked on a Pro Bono basis.

The Imperial philanthropic society was one of the largest. It was established in 1802 on the initiative of Alexander I to help those in need "without distinction of sex, age and religion, with all manifestations of their needs from infancy to old age" In the twentieth century, the volunteer movement has matured finally.

The first full-fledged volunteer organization was established in the postwar period, when Europe actively promoted selfless assistance to the victims of the First World War.

Volunteering in the Soviet period of Russian history was associated with large all-Union actions. It was actively supported by the Soviet government. The practice included "voluntarily forced" action: massive cleanup, gathering waste paper and scrap metal, obligatory membership dues in all-Russian Society of Nature Protection (VOOP) and Voluntary society of assistance to army, aviation and fleet (DOSAAF). However, there were examples of volunteer activity.

One of them was the volunteer movement guided by Peter Baranovsky . It was originated in 60-e years of the XX century to help restorers. It operated under the auspices of the Society of protection of monuments of history and culture. On weekends, the volunteers went to clear the rubble to drag the bricks, to stir the solution. Thus, the unique constructions of a Museum-ensemble in Tsaritsino was recovered.

Since the early 70s Brigade for nature protection (DOP) appeared, when natural science faculties of various universities were engaged in the fight against poachers, illegal felling of forests, forest fires.

The concept, the content and the form of voluntary labour in modern Russia was formed in the 1990-ies, together with nonprofit, public and charitable organizations. In December 2017 there were more than 600 thousand non-profit organizations in the Russian Federation. In 2017 public associations and non-profit organizations were used by about 30 million customers. Annual budget for such organizations amounted to approximately 500 million U.S. dollars.

In the world ranking of private charity for the 2017 British charity Foundation CAF Russia has moved two lines up from 126 designated at 124. 10% of Russians said that they made donations in the past year. Russia ranks 8th in the world by the number of volunteers. Leaders in the number of volunteers in the world are Norway (57% of the population), Luxembourg (55% of the population) and Cameroon (53%).

The international day of volunteering is celebrated on 5th December since 1985. An open palm hand up is considered to be the "Trademark", or the sign of a volunteering.

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