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How to raise the number of volunteers in Russia?

2. The main part

2.1. The meaning of the word “Volunteer”

The word origins form the French volontaire.

Volunteering is a contribution to the common cause aimed to improve people’s life on one’s own initiative and absolutely voluntary.In Russian there are approximately 7 million volunteers today, and the amount grows every year.

2.2. The main streams of volunteering

We can highlight four main streams of volunteering which are well developed in Moscow and where a volunteer can come.

The first stream is social volunteering. It is the most popular one and includes assistance to lonely veterans and children. It involves about 2.5 million people.

The second stream, a bit less developed one, is sport volunteering. Russia hosted the Olympics in Sochi in 2014, and now it is preparing for the Football World Cup this year.

The third stream in cultural volunteering often called in Moscow as art-volunteering. It appeared recently, in late 2014.

And another quite well-known stream is ecological volunteering.

2.3. Interesting facts about volunteering in othe rcountries

1. Fire Fighting Service in Germany is organized on a voluntary principle.

The Service recruits people from 16 or 18 years old, depending on the Land. Any applicant can become a voluntary fireman after an interview and a special training course. Only towns with population of more than 100 000 citizens have professional fire-fighting services.

2. China has introduced a project for monitoring the level of air pollution where citizens meter with their phones the level of pollution and send the results to government on a regular basis. This is an example of volunteering which is possible only with participation of volunteers.

3. Recycling group volunteers.

In Arakawa, Japan there is no centralized system of collecting utility waste, but there are voluntary organizations in each district which collect glass, aluminum, waste paper and plastic bottles. The volunteers collect the utility waste and take it to recycling. This scheme is so successful that Arakawa manages to collect up to 54.3 kg of utility waste per year from every citizen.

2.4. Comparison to other countries

The leaders of global ratings by the number of volunteers are the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Myanmar. The UK and Australia rank fifth.Russia is on the 8th place by the number of volunteers.According to the UN, one billion people, that is every seventh, participates in volunteering.

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