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Проект "How to raise the number of volunteers in Russia?"

2.5.Interview with volunteers (Canada and Russia)

In February, 2018 we conducted interviews with volunteers from Canada and Russia on the following issues:

  1. Have you participated in any volunteering projects? In which field (social, sport, ecological, cultural)?
  2. What inspired you to take part on volunteering project?
  3. What experience, knowledge, skills have you gained?
  4. Has volunteering helped you in your profession?

Brittany (25 years old).

Country: Canada, ranks second by the number of volunteers.

Вrittany has participated in a volunteer project at the university in Canada. She taught English to Russian immigrants, because she wanted to get experience of speaking Russian language. From this experience she got the skills of teaching English and learned how to plan lessons.Volunteer work helped her in the profession. Now, she is a professional English teacher.

Tatiana (26 years old)

Country: Russia

She started volunteer work in her university years. She decided to do something useful and bring value to the community. She started a little, with a 2-week summer camp where they took care of burial sites, graves and monuments to the Soviet soldiers who died during the WW2.

It helped herto meet different kinds of people, make new friends and learn new skills. In 2014 she was a volunteer at the Olympic games in Sochi. During the games, she improved hercommunication skills and leadership qualities. In addition, she learned how to be a team player.

2.6. Online poll of pupils in social nets

Please rank on a scale from one to ten which factor was important for you to inspire you to volunteering.

  1. Extra credit to pupils when entering universities
  2. Language practice at international sport events
  3. Unique experience of working in a team
  4. Skills and competences for future profession
  5. Certificates, diplomas and thanks letters to volunteers
  6. Invitations to assist at Olympics, forums, international competitions.
  7. Official volunteer passport with competences and achievements.

 Online poll of pupils about volunteering

3. Conclusion

The results of the polls show that skills in future profession and entering universities rank first for the young people.

The second priority is invitations to international competitions and foreign language practice

Work in a team and volunteer passport rank third.

Basing on these results I have prepared a social poster. I will send it to social nets and I believe that it will help to raise the number of volunteers. This poster shows all the reasons to become a volunteer according to the poll.

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5. Attachment(Author's poster)

volunteering poster