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Автор работы: 
Поляков Иван, Хилинская Полина, Беляева Валерия
Руководитель проекта: 
Калашникова Валентина Олеговна
МБОУ СОШ № 25, г.о. Мытищи

В процессе проведения индивидуальной исследовательской работы на тему «The impact of human activities on the ecology of Mytischi» авторы изучают такие актуальные проблемы экологии, созданные человеком, как таяние ледников, вырубка леса, рост количества заводов и фабрик, загрязнение воды.

Подробнее о работе:

В готовом исследовательском проекте по иностранному языку «The impact of human activities on the ecology of Mytischi» авторы изучают, насколько сказывается ухудшение мировой экологии на экологии города Мытищи, анализируют информацию о новых способах решения экологических проблем в разных странах, предполагают, как их можно применить в нашей стране.

В ученическом проекте по экологии на тему «Влияние деятельности человека на экологию Мытищ» ученики 9 класса предлагают свои варианты того, как можно использовать опыт зарубежных государств в решении экологических проблем своего района, выясняют основные экологические угрозы в г. Мытищи.

Авторы детской исследовательской работы по иностранному языку на тему «The impact of human activities on the ecology of Mytischi» выясняют, как человек влияет на загрязнение окружающей среды, и предлагают решение актуальных экологических проблем, которые сложились к настоящему времени в мире, в целом, и в городе Мытищи, в частности.


1. Comparison with other cities
1.1. Vancouver hydroelectric power
1.2. San Francisco waste Management


Nowadays it is quite normal to face natural anomalies in the form of melting snow in winter time in the Northern parts of our planet. Without paying attention to this fact, we can easily say that it is normal, because the planet, as well as individuals on it, is changing. But this is far from the real life situation.

It all happens because of the greedy activities of humans who want to exhaust all resources from the Earth, where they lives, cutting down forests, building more plants and factories, polluting water, since ancient times. Unfortunately, this trouble has not spared our town - Mytischi.

The goal of the work: To research the experience of applied technologies in the field of environmental protection of other countries.

The aims:

  1. To identify ecological problems in Mytischi.
  2. To find information about new ways of solving environmental problems in different countries.
  3. To compare the technologies used in other countries.

The hypothesis: How can we use the experience of foreign States in solving environmental problems of our district?

The object of research: How a person affects environmental pollution.

The subject of research: The solution of urgent environmental problems that have developed by present time.

First of all, it is necessary to note the terrible state of the largest river in Mytischi – The Yauza. In fact, the river pushes away with its smell even without the sanitation of the samples. It is contaminated and currently requires special attention and cleaning. Here we can see the bad manners and negligence of the citizens themselves and those, who are responsible for the production at the factories.

The riverbed of the Yauza is filled with sediment and various rubbish. The river is heavily polluted with untreated effluents and oil products. The stretch of the Yauza from the mouth of Khapilovka is much more polluted. In this regard, the number of river inhabitants is decreasing. At the moment, you can rarely find perch, bleak, pike. And not only the Yauza is in bad environmental situation.

The only reservoir, the access to which is strictly prohibited, is Uchinskoe. It is under state protection and is an inviolable water reserve of Moscow and Moscow region. The abundance of water does not allow us to boast about its quality. Very often the pollution norms of drinking water are exceeded, and the water treatment equipment cannot cope with its work. At the moment, there are about 13 plants in Mytischi that continue polluting our nature and it seems that no one is going to stop it.

With growing numbers of residents the number of cars grows as well. Their exhaust fumes are the main source of air pollution in Mytischi. Especially such districts as Leonidovka or East Perlovka which are nearby Yaroslavskoye highway suffer from these gasses. In comparison with other cities of Moscow region the air condition in Mytischi is satisfactory. Quite often, a small excess of the maximum permissible concentrations of nitrogen dioxide is recorded.

The industry of the town also makes a significant contribution into the environmental pollution. In Mytischi the observations of air pollution are carried out by two stationary stations of the State service for environmental monitoring (GOS). The main sources of air pollution are: engineering and electrical engineering factories, construction industry, road and rail transport.

The largest pollutants in Mytischi are: JSC "Metrovagonmash", JSC "Mytischi Electromechanical plant", JSC "Perlovskiy pilot plant of experimental power equipment", LLC "ABZ-Mytischi", JSC "Mosstroyplastmass", MUP "Polygon", MUP "Teploset Mytischi", JSC "Asphalt", JSC "Mytischi machine-building plant", etc.

Also the environmental education of students has been successfully organized in our town. A mini-lab for laboratory samples of air, soil and water has especially been purchased for them. The students regularly go out to identify violations of the concentration of maximum permissible pollutants.

Comparison with the other cities

Such environmental problem has struck not only Mytischi and Russia, but also other more successful and powerful countries. I would like to give an example of how other countries deal with similar problems in their cities.

Vancouver hydroelectric power

The coastal city Vancouver is one of the greenest cities in the world. Renewable hydroelectric power covers 93% of the city's electrical requirements. Vancouver will continue to introduce more renewable energy sources in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to the lowest level. The city government and residents have a great desire to have made Vancouver the greenest city in the world by 2020.

They have also formed an efficient team called GCAT to achieve their goal. This mission also offers thousands of jobs in the green business. By 2020, they aim to plant more trees, improve air and water quality, promote local food production and increase processing in the city. Nowadays, the city government is rapidly expanding the cycling infrastructure of Vancouver. The number of electric vehicles and charging stations in the city has been also increasing year after year.

The same actions began to be undertaken in Mytischi. As for Vancouver, the authorities decided to expand the city under the Bicycle infrastructure. New paths and parks for bike rental are being built. We can also observe it in Mytischi. Last year not only pedestrian and bicycle paths, but the fitness facilities have appeared around our Yauza river. Just along the river young trees have been planted, which will begin to turn green and bloom this spring.

San Francisco waste Management

The same problem was solved by the American city of San Francisco.

The high level of garbage processing is the main reason for the growth of San Francisco in the world list of the greenest cities. The city government has a task to make the city waste-free by 2020. Non-biodegradable plastic bags have been prohibited in the city since 2007.

I think, that Mytischi should study these actions for the good nature of our suburbs. Effective environmental programs and policies in San Francisco actively promote the use of renewable energy. In the nearest future, the city relies on renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, biofuels and some others. Thus, the city can become even greener and healthier than before. San Francisco also has a number of programs to encourage the community to use bicycles and electric vehicles.

All these measures not only help to save money, but also reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By now about 10 electric filling stations have been established in Mytischi. In summer time it is great to ride bikes, scooters and rollers instead of cars, which are useful not only for others, but also for our own health.


All above mentioned can mostly change the environmental situation for better, but we should not stop, because nothing changes quickly. We should move step by step forward to achieve our goal – a greener and safer place to live in.

Literature – Internet.

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