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The great female leaders who changed the course of history

2. Princess Olga

Nikolai Mikhailovich Karamzin in his “History of the Russian State" writes “According to the legend Olga was cunning, according to the Church she was saint, and in history she remained as wise”. And who is that princess, the outstanding state figure, the fist Russian saint woman, who is told so much in the ancient Russian annals?

[Том I. Глава VII. Князь Святослав. 945-972 гг.].

There are symbols for all ages.
In Russia they are the rushing trio of horses
And the Volga - the Russian river.
And Princess Olga - the Pskov people`s honour.
There are only six holy women
of Christianity era in the Apostles.

Among them is our St Olga- the patron of the state. (Unknown author) [Translated by Akinin Mikhail]

In almost two centuries after Olga`s death the monk who described her life in The Primary Chronicle illustrated her cleverness and courage, and her willingness to use those talents in defense of her peoples independence. All these events are more solidly grounded in the historical record.

Княгиня Ольга

It describes her conversion to Christianity and her wisdom as a woman. These facts are confirmed in Byzantine sources too. She was a regent for her son for more than ten years, and during this time she increased government revenues, improved relations with other princely families, and strengthened ties to Byzantium.

N. M. Karamzin gave a brilliant appreciation of Olga`s rule saying that by her wise rule, she proved that a weak woman can sometimes be equal with great men.

After the conquest of the Derevlians, Olga began to strengthen the princely power in other lands too. And as the chronicler writes “Establishing there everything she came back to her son to Kiev and lived there in love and agreement”.

Thanks to the administrative and economic reforms, the traditional authority of the elders in the provinces was gradually replaced by the administration of the princely administrations. That was an important step towards the formation of the state. The period of the reign of Olga is not marked by large external conquest. Olga`s squad had no victorious adventures, new lands were not attached. There was peace and quietness in Rus.

Olga tried to raise the prestige of Rus not by military campaigns, not by conquest but by skillful wise diplomacy. And in this regard, the baptism of Olga is of particular importance. It helped to strengthen the international position of Rus.

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