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Ecology problem in Mytishchi

2017 is the year of ecology in Russia

The state of the environment is one of the most important social - economic problems that directly or indirectly affects the interests of each resident. A favorable environment is necessary for the development of the state and the health of its citizens.

We feel all this particularly acutely in times of natural crises or disasters, and in times of normal weather conditions, .Floods, landslides, forest fires and other extreme events are becoming more frequent.

Today, both politicians and ordinary citizens have come to conclusion that environmental problems do not know the administrative boundaries, that a favorable environmental environment can not be created in a single region.

This problem is common and must be solved by all members of society - politicians, businessmen, ecologists, public organizations and citizens who understand their responsibility for nature conservation. 2017 is the year of ecology in Russia.

The year of 2017 declared the year of ecology by the President of Russia ended. This does not mean that all these problems have been solved in a year. It is not possible. But everyone understands that it is extremely necessary to develop environmental programs, and start implementing activities to achieve the goals.

This is how the President raised the issue of improving the environmental situation in the country at the meeting of the Council for strategic development and priority projects, which took place on the 21.11.2016 in the Kremlin.

For the first time in accordance with the presidential decree in the Russian Federation the year of environmental protection was held in 2013. Then in the Moscow region, in accordance with the approved "Green plan" for the Year of environmental protection, many environmental events were held.

They covered all municipalities of the Moscow region. These events were attended by hundreds of thousands of residents of Moscow region. And they were not only activists of environmental movements, but also ordinary citizens of all ages - from schoolchildren to veterans.

Ecological balance

The lands of the urban settlement Mytishchi are located on the southeastern slope of Smolensk-Moscow upland and the Western outskirts of Meshcherskaya lowland. The terrain of the settlement is flat, dissected by the valley of the Yauza river with its tributaries, Employees, Sukromka and Borisovka.

The climate is temperate – continental. The coldest month is January (average temperature from -9 to -11 degrees). The warmest-July (average temperature +19 - +20 degrees). The prevailing winds are West and South-West directions. The maximum rainfall in the warm season is about 400 mm, the minimum - in the cold season - 150-200 mm.

In Mytishchi, urban development is subordinated to the close proximity to the relict natural complex of the Losiny Ostrov National Park, the territories of the Pirogovsky forest Park, the Yauza river valley and the nearby systems of reservoirs and canals.

Moose island is the first national Park of Russia, the famous reserve in the upper reaches of the Yauza river, known since the 15th century. The total area of the National Park is more than 12.000 hectares In the Park there are species of flora and fauna listed in the Red books of Moscow and Moscow region.

Pirogovsky forest Park is an example of the introduction of nature into the structure of the city. On the North side of forest Park is close to the Pirogovskoye reservoir. Thanks to the combination of forest and water bodies create unique conditions for rest and tourism.

The Museum of nature protection is a coordinator of environmental education and education of the urban settlement Mytishchi. It was established in 1997. The number of visitors to the Museum has exceeded 30 thousand people. the Museum features more than 5 thousand exhibits reflecting the wealth of flora and fauna of the Moscow region, has a unique Collection of bird eggs.

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