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Автор работы: 
Перетятько Яна
Руководитель проекта: 
Гуро-Фролова Ольга Романовна 
АНО ОШ «Академическая гимназия Новогорск»

Исследовательский проект по английскому языку "Acronyms in English language" посвящён изучению лингвистической природы акронимов иностранного языка. Автор проекта анализирует проблемы аббревиации в английском языке, изучает акроним, способы его образования и различия с аббревиатурой.

Автор исследовательской работы по английскому языку "Acronyms in English language" утверждает, что лингвистические сокращения - важная составляющая как русского, так и иностранного языка, требующая особого внимания при изучении. Аббревиация необходима в современном, стремительно развивающемся мире, т.к. по причине стремительной спешки, человек часто нуждается в экономии времени, даже столь незначительной.

Подробнее о работе:

Проектная работа по иностранному языку "Acronyms in English language" содержит изучение природы акронимов и аббревиации, как данные сокращения используются в английском языке, какие типы сокращений мы знаем и как влияет данное лингвистическое явление на язык, который мы изучаем.


1. Graphical abbreviations and acronyms
2. A difference between acronyms and abbreviations
3. Abbreviations as the major type of shortenings
4. Practical part of the research
5. Acronyms. How acronyms are used?
6. Example 1-Reductions by using numbers
7. Example 2-Abbreviation
8. History
9. Current usage


Modern world is changing fast, and everyone needs to get more time to do businesses during the day. That is why we try to save our time and to make communication more convenient by using abbreviations in the language.

Shortening of words is one of the most popular branches of lexicology nowadays. Being a developing branch of linguistics it requires a special attention of teachers to be adequate to their specialization in English and it reflects the general trend of simplification of a language.

The shortening of the words is one of the main trends in development of Modern English, especially in its colloquial layer, which, in its turn at high degree is supported by development of modern informational technologies and simplification of alive speech.

Shortening in communication (especially written) the process or result of representing a word or group of words by a shorter form of the word or phrase. The problems of shortened lexical units as specific language phenomena in modern languages attracted attention of many researchers. These problems are considered to numerous articles and separate researches of Kazakh, Russian and foreign authors.

The spoken and the written forms of the English language have each their own patterns of shortening, but as there is a constant exchange between both spheres, it is sometimes difficult to tell where a given shortening really originated.

The main reason for choosing this topic is that there are many words and word groups which have their shortened version. Very often those shortened words occur in various texts, such as technical writing, statistical material, tables and notes.

I decided to look up what abbreviations are commonly used in mass media, medicine, informational and technical sphere, especially in newspaper articles and textbooks. The other reason is to figure out when and how abbreviations are used in written language

Purpose of the study:

  • Find out how acronyms are used in English;
  • Learn about types of acronyms;
  • Learn how acronyms affect English we study.

The object of the research: is lexical level of English language.

The subject of the research: is types and functions of shortenings in English language.

The aim of the research: is giving general characteristics to shortened lexical units and defining the main ways, types, causes and functions.

Word-building processes involve not only qualitative but also quantitative changes. Thus, derivation and compounding represent addition, as affixes and free stems, respectively, are added to the underlying form.

Shortening, on the other hand, may be represented as significant subtraction, in which part of the original word is taken away.

The spoken and the written forms of the English language have each their own patterns of shortening, but as there is a constant exchange between both spheres, it is sometimes difficult to tell where a given shortening really originated.

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