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(Таблица деления на 3 на английском)

The table of division on 3 is the 2nd stage in which the child is offered to choose from numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 answers to nine examples listed below.

The fact of successful passing of division on 3 is noted in the form of a green small square with figure 3 on the gray panel.
Versions of answers are displayed on square buttons, examples are brought in a random way to panels of questions.

If in this round one mistake is made at least, the program will issue the corresponding message and (Return button) for repeated passing 2 stages will suggest to return.

If mistakes it isn't allowed, the casual picture will open completely and the corresponding fragment of a melody from this animated film will sound.

After opening of the picture, listening of a melody and pressing of the Pass button there will be a transition to the following grade level - "Division on 4".

Examples of a stage of division on 3:
3 : 3 =
6 : 3 =
9 : 3 =
12 : 3 =
15 : 3 =
18 : 3 =
21 : 3 =
24 : 3 =
27 : 3 =

On a page with the program, her it will be possible to look over and get.

The playing program is intended for a free download!

To pass to the game program:
Table of division